Sunday, 29 October 2017

What have we been up to this week?

This has been our last week on shape in maths. The children were given lots of challenges, including making their own pumpkin cubes, sorting shapes into different properties using 'Carroll diagrams' and making 3D shapes with Lego.


We have also been completing some independent writing to see if we can apply our neat handwriting skills and form our letters correctly. 
Do any parents remember this poem about the Gunpowder plot?

This week, some of our continuous provision activities have had a spooky twist and children have been making ghost decorations out of tissue in the creative area, counting pumpkin seeds in the maths area, creating potions in the role play area and hammering golf tees into pumpkins to develop their hand/eye coordination skills in the funky fingers area. As an extra task, some children sculpted apples into heads which we left to go brown and mouldy for an extra gruesome classroom decoration!

This Friday, the children enjoyed an afternoon of 
'Double Discovery Time!'
We added last weeks minutes to this week's minutes and had a total of 48 so they watched a film as a treat for all their hard work in this first and very long half term!
Can parents guess which film you watched?

Finally the children loved dressing up for Halloween and they all looked fabulous - thank you to all parents for your efforts with their costumes!
We couldn't let the children go home without posing for a few dramatic snaps - they all played along like pro's!

Have a great holiday - see you all soon! Mrs G x

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