Friday, 6 October 2017

What have we been doing in 1G this week?

In History, the children have been investigating and considering a range of different 'evidence' linked to the Gunpowder plot. They became detectives, using their knowledge of the plot, in addition to their historical enquiry skills to find the correct pictures which proved a statement to be either true or false. 

In guided reading, some groups have been making sentences ensuring they are using the correct word order.

This week, we earned 26 minutes of Discovery time, the most yet due to our excellent Harvest assembly!
We spent our time warming up our hand and finger muscles and developing our fine motor skills with activities such as peg boarding, threading cheerios, placing dry spaghetti into small holes and spooning marbles into a small pot.
The children really enjoyed this activity therefore next week, it will become part of their continuous provision.

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