Sunday, 22 April 2018

What have we been learning in 1G this week?

 This week the children shared their History homework with the class in a circle time discussion. They told (and showed) each other their favourite toys before we sorted them into different categories which the children came up with themselves.

Impact: the children can sort toys according to different criteria and use this information to form general judgements about toys today.

We decided that many of todays toys are made of colourful plastic, are electronic and are designed to be safe for children to use. This was a good reflection which we will use as a comparison when we look at  old toys.

REMEMBER: If any grandparents are able to come in to speak to children about old toys on Friday 27th April - please let the Year 1 teachers know. We would be very grateful!

In maths, we have begun learning about positions and directions using positional language such as;
before/under/next to/above/left/right/on/inside etc

We also looked at ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) as a way of describing positions so we went outside and had some fun races whilst deciding the order that the children and teams came in.


 In the pictures below, the children are using Ipads to play money related games in preparation for their next maths topic. If they have a tablet or computer at home, the games can be found on the following website link.



In ICT the children are studying algorithms and how to programme Beebots. They have used Beebots before in Reception however they were a little rusty so we had a lesson to remind ourselves of the different instructions. Once we had become familar with these again, we challenged each other in small teams to see if the Beebots could be programmed to reach a given spot on the floor.


Impact; the children are confident in being able programme a Beebot to move close to a given destination.

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