Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Phonics - a guide video for parents!

In year 1, phonics is an integral part of the children's curriculum as it is the cornerstone of how they learn to read and spell.

Whilst the children learn and practise these phonemes (unit of sound) and graphemes (letter/s to represent the sounds) everyday, we are aware that some parents may not be over familiar with the exact sounds children are taught.

There are 44 different phonemes the children will learn in Reception and Year 1 and towards the end of Year 1, they will be tested on reading these sounds in 40 words - some real and some fake.

In phonics, the children have made videos to show their parents how to spell and pronounce the phase 3 and phase 5 sounds. You will notice, some of the cards they hold are hand-made by the children and they have invented the memorable sentence examples to match.

Any extra practice of reading these at home will benefit their reading and spelling and progress in upcoming phonics test in June.

Phase 3 sounds: 

Phase 5 sounds:

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