Friday, 4 May 2018

Grandparents visit to talk about old toys 27/04/18

On Friday afternoon we were very lucky to have some grandparents visit year 1 to share with the children their memories of their childhood toys and they even brought some in to show the children.

As part of our lesson discussions the children came up with some good questions to ask the grandparents such as:

  • What is it made from?
  • How much did it cost?
  • How did children play with them?
  • Was it safe?
  • Where was it from?

Here are some pictures of the outdoor toys we explored.


Hoop and stick

Skipping ropes

Cup and balls

French Skipping

'Walle' (throwing balls against a wall)

Electronic train set

Tiny Tears Doll

Roller skates

French skipping (elastic rope)

Cat's cradle

Clapping games

Back in class, we looked at some even older toys from the Victorian era.

We concluded that many toys from the past were wooden, home-made, unlikely to be electronic and were not designed as safe as toys today. We also noticed that there were more outdoor and playground games as it was safer to play outside with less traffic.

Impact: We understand that toys have changed over time and that there are some similarities and differences between the toys that our grandparents played with and those toys we enjoy today. 

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