Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What we did in 1G week beginning 22/01/18

In Art this week, we used natural materials both indoors and outdoors to recreate some of Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures. Look at how they turned out, they look great!

In Science, we have been exploring the features of each season and today was about animals during  Winter. We looked at ways in which they survive the cold weather including hibernation, migration and adaptation. We drew and sorted different animals according to which survival skill they used.

 I would like to see what the children can remember so comment below with your answers!

1. Name 2 animals which hibernate.

2. Name 2 animals which migrate.

3. Name 2 animals which adapt.

On Friday morning, we had a practical handwriting lesson which involved developing our fine motor skills and building our finger muscles. We rotated around activities such as;
  • rolling letters out of Playdoh to spell our names;
  • flicking marbles through various sized bridges;
  • painting letters in small dots using cotton buds;
  • threading cheerios onto string necklaces.

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