Thursday, 21 December 2017

What else have we been doing this week?

We have been experimenting with different mechanisms on moving pictures all term. For their final pieces, the children could choose which mechanism they wanted to use on which picture to make a moving image for the story of Christmas.

In Geography this term, the children have been exploring the UK. For this lesson, they had to identify ordnance survey map symbols on printed maps of the UK capital cities. We then discussed what the cities had in common. Can the children tell me below what symbols they found in each city?


After all their work on the UK, the children had to produce and information text about one of the 4 countries in the UK. They had iPads to help them research extra facts and they were able to tell me lots of interesting things about their chosen country. Children can you remember any facts to tell your families?

At the end of a long and busy term, we finally found some free time to relax and read in our fabulous library and also listen to a nice Christmas story too!

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