Tuesday, 14 November 2017

What else have we been doing in 1G since coming back after half term?

In computing, we went on a maths programme and practiced our counting in 2's, 5's and 10's by answering missing numbers in sequences. This was a fun way to extend our learning into other area's of the curriculum.

In guided reading, we have been spotting tricky words and then attempting to make them with magnets/letter beads. This is a task which might be fun to practice at home with school reading books!

In science, we have been finding out information about different animal kingdoms and then sorting different species into the correct categories. I hope we can remember some of this information for our zoo trip and try to categorise the animals as we see them.

We have a new challenge for our continuous provision areas this term. To encourage the children to access all of the areas, each one now has a coloured lolly stick, which the children collect (honestly) after they have completed a task. 

The idea is to 'COLLECT A RAINBOW' during their choosing time over a 2 week period.

So far, it has been working well and I am seeing more of the areas in the classroom used. Below are some pictures to show the kind of tasks the children can choose to complete. They are designed to challenge and reflect the current curriculum we are studying.

Ask your child if they have managed to collect a rainbow this week!

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